Stylish Accessories for Fashionable Abominable Snowmen

by flowergirlknits

it's so cold here even the snow is blue!

What every fashion conscious Abominable Snowman will be wearing this winter – giant handknit socks in softest merino in subtle yet snazzy colors.  They’ll also work as Christmas gifts for Large-Footed Brothers.

PatternBasic Sock Recipe by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Ravelry link).  I added a simple 2×2 ribbing on the leg and instep.

Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot, “Grey Wolf” colorway

Notes: What should have been a quick, straightforward knit turned into a lesson in frustration as I searched for the perfect combination of pattern, yarn and needle. It can be a delicate balance – if even one of these elements if off, the whole project becomes a struggle. Find the right mix and viola! Satisfaction.

The major struggle was with the pattern. It had to be “man appropriate” for my conservative brother, relatively quick to knit, preferably with enough pattern to hold my interest yet work with the variegated yarn. And, oh yeah – big enough to fit my brother’s Abominable Snowman-size feet.

ribbing to infinity and beyond!

After several false starts, I settled on my old stand-by – Yarnharlot’s basic sock recipe. Even that had a couple of bumps; I first tried it in plain stockinette but it just didn’t feel right. (Also, boring) The beauty of ribbing is that it makes fitting more forgiving (within reason) And, surprisingly, 2×2 ribbing was just the right combo of interest and speed (by this point I was running into serious deadline issues)

The yarn was never in doubt. Mountain Colors Bearfoot is a heavier fingering weight, excellent for man socks. It’s super soft with both a bit of sheen and a nice, not-too-fuzzy halo. And the colors – absolutely stunning. Subtle and complex (yet Manly), they make even simple socks into something special.

Christmas knitting all done now – I have squelched a couple of thoughts of any last minute “quickies”. Bring on the selfish knitting!