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Late to the Party

One last FO from 2009 – a Noro Striped Scarf, made popular last year by the ever-ispiring Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed.

Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, no. 272 and 292

Notes: Why do people tell new knitters to knit scarves? Yes, there’s little/no fussing with gauge and fit and they’re good for practicing, but they’re so loooooonnng. Bor. ing. It takes a special kind of perserverance to finish one. Even with the amazing color changes that Noro is so famous for, this wasn’t the most exciting project ever. I actually started it nearly a year ago; it did not take me a year to knit. It just kept getting set aside for other projects, rather too easily and quickly. I finally decided that it needed to get off the needles once and for all and powered through.

Picking the colors for this scarf was probably the hardest part of the project and I’m not sure I made the best choice. I’m not always particularly crazy about how the color changes worked – in places it’s beautiful and vibrant, in other places the contrasts are muddy or indistinct. Silk Garden is an interesting study in contrasts – thick/thin, rustic/sophisticated – and always unpredictable.

Although I don’t have a huge number of WIPs lurking in the closet, it feels good to have this one finished and off the needles. I’m not sure I’ll use it for myself – maybe I’ll set it aside and give it as a gift someday – it’d be nice to have a small stash of finished gifts!

Back to mittens and sweaters! I just started some Fiddleheads and I believe it may be True Love! More next time.


Shetland Triangle in Action

At last! Here are the modeled shots of the Shetland Triangle! I know you’ve been a-tingle with anticipation about this so, without further ado:

I’m not sure how practical this will be – a rectangular shawl might have been better than a triangular one – but I do like the colors with this coat (which is from jjill) The weather here lately has been warm and dry, so there hasn’t been any “real world” exposure yet, but that should change in the next few weeks now that autumn is here.

Now, back to sweater knitting….

Metamorphis Completed

Finished and blocked (and even the ends woven in)! The Blob has become a Shetland Triangle of generous proportion, all lacy and colorful. Whether it meets with success in real life, well – that remains a question.

Pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark

Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino, colorway “Indiecita”

Notes: A lovely, straightforward shawl pattern from the inestimable Evelyn Clark – really, can you ever go wrong with one of her patterns? I’m eager to knit more of her gorgeous shawls, especially Swallowtail.

I love working with the Silky yarn; it is soft and drapy with a light sheen. The finished shawl is light but not wispy. This colorway is so incredible – the shifting of the colors from blues to aquas to purples to greens brings to mind the flowing water of a small stream, or the blending shades of a watercolor painting. It is never exactly the same from moment to moment.

However, this gorgeously painted color is also it’s disadvantage – just like those mouth-watering hand-painted sock yarns, the variegated colors can obscure the pattern. While I think this turned out fine, a solid color would have really showcased the pattern.

I did a total of 12 pattern repeats – four more than called for – because I wanted a big shawl and I had plenty of yarn. It comes in with a 68″ wingspan and a 32″ backbone. I hope to have some modeled shots later this week, especially with my new fall coat which I think it matches and compliments beautifully. Only time will tell if it works like I envision it, or if I end up looking like an old granny!

The Blob That Ate a House Cat

(Actually, no cat was harmed during this photo session. In fact, Toby barely opened his eyes from his nap!)

The Shetland Triangle is finished, but remains in a Blob state. I’ve ordered more foam blocking squares which should arrive any day and then I’ll be able to block it – this sucker is huge! The plan is to use this as an “exterior” shawl/scarf/wrap and wear it over my new fall coat. However, being solidly Midwestern and not even a little bit French, I’m not sure this’ll work. It sounds great in my head, but reality doesn’t always line up for me. More details and pictures when it’s been blocked.

I’ve also been busy preparing for Sweater Knitting Season (which officially opens on September 1 – something I just made up) Sweaters have been qued, patterns have been secured, yarn has been purchased and swatched and needles acquired. (Because, according to the Great Needle Conspiracy – another thing I just made up – you never have the right size/length/type of needle and must buy new needles for each and every project. Or so it seems.) I have plans to knit something like 57 sweaters this winter, a number that even I know is ridiculous but, that is the optimism of the Season. Happy Sweater Hunting!

And Now, By Popular Demand…

OK, there was no demand,  but I’m bringing you the modeled shots of the Forest Canopy shawl anyway.


in action

in action



I have a pretty little shawl pin (you can just barely make it out in the second photo) which is a big help keeping the shawl in place, but it’s a little too dark against this yarn color to show nicely. Darn! I’ll have to go shopping for another one! And I’ll have to knit another shawl in a lighter color, just for this shawl pin! The sacrifices I make for my knitting…

It remains to be seen if I’ll actually wear it out and about. I saw a discussion on Ravelry that asked, “how do you wear your shawls and not look like a little old lady?” Basically the answer was, you don’t.  I think the smaller size of this one helps – it’s more of an accent or accessory. I’ll give it a try and get back to you.


I didn’t use to be this way – I used to have one, at the most two projects (one for knitting on the go, a larger one for knitting at home) on the needles at any one time. Suddenly, I have six – six! – projects all in progress. I blame Ravelry, that temptress, with all those fabulous patterns, many free, constantly on display. I also blame the cold – our sub-zero temps make me dream of blankets and mitts and cowls and sweaters, all of which need to be knit immediately.

Of course, if I don’t stop starting and start finishing (got that?!) I won’t have any of these warm woolies finished until about oh, July when I definitely won’t want to be wearing them! Also, even though I’ve been knitting up a storm, there’s very little to blog about.

that's a lot of blue

Noro Striped Scarf in Noro Silk Garden- Not sure about this color combination but it’s early yet. Love the pattern and the yarn.

Hemlock Ring Blanket in Malabrigo – I’d studied this pattern when it first hit Ravelry and thought I didn’t have the skills/knowledge to attempt it but in fact it’s been lots of fun.

Tang (Rav link) in Malabrigo worsted – Body is completed and first sleeve is about one third done. Learning lots of new skills with this pattern.

NHM #7 Mitten (Rav link) in Shelridge Farm in Soft Touch Ultra – Second mitten is completed through the cuff.

Retro Rib Socks (Rav link) in ShiBui Sock – These have been untouched the longest; they’re to match – you guessed it – Tang.

Saxony Socks (Rav link) in Dream in Color Smooshy – These are my “lunchtime knitting” so they are growing slowly. First sock finished, second sock started.

As far as I know, Startitis isn’t fatal. Each of these projects fills a need – simple socks for short bursts of knitting time, plain stockinette for mindless knitting, complex patterns to challenge. And I’m pretty confident that all of these will get done – I certainly haven’t lost the love for any of them!

almost as good as chocolate!

To complete my “bad knitter” rap sheet, I broke my Yarn Diet this week. This was a planned break – for a variety of reasons I knew I would need a small indulgence as a reward for getting through this past week, something soft and colorful and extravagant but not wallet busting. I came up with this: Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn in one of their new colors, “Shiny Moss” and a lovely wooden shawl pin. Makes me happy just to look at them. Now I just need to knit a shawl for the pin…..hmmmm, I wonder what’s on Ravelry?