A Knitter-ly Christmas

by flowergirlknits

Santa kindly left some knitting-related items under the tree for me.

knit gifts extrodinare

First up, from blogless Chris, an entire Knitting-Related series of gifts: a hand knit dishcloth, real postage stamps with a kitten and yarn pictured, dark chocolate and a DVD of Season 1 of “Pushing Daisies”! I’d say that Chris hit the ball out of the park on this one.

Please note that Chris – who just started knitting in August – knit the dishcloth herself! Notice the even stitches and that the pattern is mistake-free; it’s been amazing to watch how quickly she’s gotten so good (she’s already on her second pair of socks) Be sure to check her out on Ravelry.

I hope you’re not wondering why “Pushing Daisies” is knitting related – because knitting is an integral part of this fun and quirky series! One of the main characters (P.I. Emerson Cod) is a knitter! And he saved them all in the second episode when he used one of his knitting needles to tear open the body bag he was trapped in! Sadly, this fresh, bright, silly show has just been canceled (curse you ABC!) and I’ve read that the last storyline will be left unresolved. Catch it while you can – there’s nothing else quite like it.

I think the dark chocolate needs no explanation…..

double the pleasure

Also under the tree – the new book from Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. If you aren’t yet familiar with these two crazy-funny ladies (and excellent knitters), do yourself a favor and go immediately to their blog. You will laugh yourself silly in no time (and whatever you do, do not miss the country music-video they put together for the launch of this book – the link is on the right sidebar of their blog) The book is great and reflects Kay and Ann perfectly – lots of great, innovative yet doable patterns, lots of laughs, lots of information. This is a knitting book that’s just plain fun to read. The patterns are great – wearable and beautiful – and the instructions take anything scary (steeks! colorwork! fit!) and show you how to conquer each skill. And make you laugh at the same time.

like this only more purple

I especially love the Daily Sweater (and have the yarn in my stash), but I also love the coats, the table runner, the denim sweater for boys and both of the colorwork rugs. Among other things. This is a book I’ll turn to again and again.

Observant readers might have noticed that there appears to be more than one copy of the Mason-Dixon book in the picture. Your eyes do not deceive you – Santa brought me two copies of this book and while it’s a great book, one would have been sufficient. <sigh> Of course, it’s the thought that counts….

I’m enjoying a nice holiday break from work and hope to get a lot of knitting done and a lot more started. Watch this space for exciting updates! (I hope you’ll be able to sleep tonight….)

I hope your holidays have been festive, that your hand-knit gifts were met with the proper appreciation (squeals of delight) and that you’re able to find some quiet time to knit during this hectic season.