58 Things About Me

fascinating but true

1. I first learned to knit from a family member when I was 7 or 8 years old. It did not stick.

2. I learned again (from books) when I was in my 20s and wanted to knit sweaters. The results were mixed and after a few frustrating years, I turned to other crafts.

3. A friend asked me to take a mitten class with her at the LYS last year. I was astonished to find that the yarn store was bright and cheerful, full of interesting displays, gorgeous yarns and a youthful, friendly staff.

4. It was the self-striping sock yarn that really got me hooked.

5. I am almost entirely a self-taught knitter.

6. I’m a “picker”.

7. I’m still a slave to the pattern. I’m getting a little better, but I still feel compelled to follow the pattern exactly as written, sometimes even the same color as the example. It doesn’t help that the few times I’ve tried to make an adjustment it hasn’t really improved anything.

8. I adore making socks. Turning the heel makes me very happy.

9. I love sock yarn. I lust after more sock yarn. I already have enough sock yarn to clothe an army but will always want more.

10. My favorite needles are Lantern Moon rosewood double points, US #1.

11. I joined Ravelry on June 20, 2007.

12. I love Ravelry. Love it love it love it love it love it. Love. It.

13. My Ravelry name is flowergirl.

14. I’m the youngest of three kids.

15. I have two brothers who are 13 and 10 years older than I.

16. I got teased.

17. A lot.

18. Still do.

19. My first memories are of playing with kittens at my grandparent’s farm.

20. I have always loved cats.

21. I like most cats better than a lot of people.

22. I loved my grandparent’s farm. Every kid should have such a place to explore and play in.

23. It broke my heart when they sold the farm.

24. I still think about and miss it a lot.

25. I am a serious hobby gardener.

26. My suburban yard has lots and lots and lots of flowers.

27. When I say lots, I mean more than you can imagine for the space.

28. I’m not exaggerating.

29. I have plans to fit in more.

30. When I win the lottery I’m going to quit my job and open a pick-your-own flower garden and do arrangements for weddings using garden flowers.

31. I don’t play the lottery so this isn’t likely to happen.

32. I’ve done the flowers for two weddings including bouquets, corsages and table arrangements.

33. The last wedding was for a good friend. I used hundreds of peonies, almost all from my garden.

34. It was spectacular.

35. I like watching a wide variety of sports including football, basketball and anything in the Olympics (winter or summer)

36. I started wearing glasses in third grade. It’s been all downhill from there in the looks division.

37. I love all kinds of colors but if I had to choose just one as a favorite it’d be purple, especially dark jewel-tone purples.

38. I love to read.

39. I’ll read just about anything so long as it’s “good” – well-written, interesting setting, compelling characters.

40. My current favorite reading material is historical fiction and mysteries.

41. My guilty reading pleasure is magazines.

42. I love going to the movies, but am picky about which ones I see.

43. I also love television but am picky about what I watch.

44. I love living in a part of the country with four distinct seasons.

45. Although I love all of the seasons, spring is my favorite by far.

46. My wish is that spring would last about six months.

47. I also love all the colors associated with spring – yellow, green, pink, blue and yes, purple.

48. I call my house the Easter Egg house because of the colors I’ve painted some of the rooms.

49. I painted my bedroom a soft, sunny yellow; my second bedroom/home office is bright grass green; and my tiny hallway is – wait for it – purple! (Really, a soft medium lavender) They’re perfect.

50. I am an excellent worrier.

51. I keep in practice by worrying a lot.

52. I’m getting better at talking myself out of going completely overboard with the worrying, but it’s a battle every day.

53. Although in theory I like dogs (they’re cute, they’re funny, they’re great companions), in reality I’m scared of them, almost to the level of a phobia.

54. I worry about coming across dogs when I’m taking a walk, which is why I prefer to walk with someone else (who will protect me from dogs) or to ride my bike (I can bike pretty fast)

55. I said it was a phobia, which by definition is an unreasonable fear. But there you have it.

56. I own a rotary dial phone – and yes, it works.

57. I also own a Blackberry Pearl, so I’m not exactly a luddite.

58. I like messing around with technology stuff (blogs, cell phones, MP3 players, etc), but don’t have great in-depth knowledge. They’re more like super-cool toys to me.