Because I’m Still 8-Years-Old Apparently

by flowergirlknits

The Tangled Yoke cardigan made it’s “public” debut last week when I wore it to work. It was, as hoped, light and non-bulky, warm but not too warm. I found I liked the too-long sleeves since they helped warm my often too-cold hands and fingers, the color continues to delight me and even I am amazed by the twists and turns of the cable though I know exactly how it’s done.

What surprised me was that no one – no one – commented about it. Now, my fellow knitters who knew all about the ups and downs I experienced with this project were kindly and enthusiastically admiring of it, but no one else seemed to notice. Was it because it was so professionally executed that they thought it was a store-bought sweater? Or was it so obviously homemade they tried to spare my feelings by not bringing attention to it? Did they not notice the beautifully tweedy color, the sinuous cabling, the clever ribbing pattern?

I have to admit that while sweating over the details and puzzles of this sweater, I would sometimes be thinking something along the lines of “won’t so-and-so think this is clever!” Of course, this is not a good reason to knit something. One should knit for utility, for practicality, for your own pleasure and amusement. But why then are so many knitting patterns decorated with cables and lace and multiple colors? Surely it’s to draw at least some appreciation from others?

Or maybe it’s just I am still 8-years-old and shallow to boot. <sigh>

In other, less self-centered knitting news (although, admittedly, I’m knitting this for myself!), I’ve started another sweater. This is Nectarine from Berroco, a simple crew neck pullover, a nice palate cleanser after the Tangled Yoke. The yarn is Blackstone Tweed which is heavenly soft but less subtle than the Felted Tweed. It’s moving along swiftly – the back is already finished – but progress may slow a bit while I work on some house socks and a gift knit. Stay tuned for all of the edge-of-your-seat developments!