Metamorphis Completed

by flowergirlknits

Finished and blocked (and even the ends woven in)! The Blob has become a Shetland Triangle of generous proportion, all lacy and colorful. Whether it meets with success in real life, well – that remains a question.

Pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark

Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino, colorway “Indiecita”

Notes: A lovely, straightforward shawl pattern from the inestimable Evelyn Clark – really, can you ever go wrong with one of her patterns? I’m eager to knit more of her gorgeous shawls, especially Swallowtail.

I love working with the Silky yarn; it is soft and drapy with a light sheen. The finished shawl is light but not wispy. This colorway is so incredible – the shifting of the colors from blues to aquas to purples to greens brings to mind the flowing water of a small stream, or the blending shades of a watercolor painting. It is never exactly the same from moment to moment.

However, this gorgeously painted color is also it’s disadvantage – just like those mouth-watering hand-painted sock yarns, the variegated colors can obscure the pattern. While I think this turned out fine, a solid color would have really showcased the pattern.

I did a total of 12 pattern repeats – four more than called for – because I wanted a big shawl and I had plenty of yarn. It comes in with a 68″ wingspan and a 32″ backbone. I hope to have some modeled shots later this week, especially with my new fall coat which I think it matches and compliments beautifully. Only time will tell if it works like I envision it, or if I end up looking like an old granny!