The Blob That Ate a House Cat

by flowergirlknits

(Actually, no cat was harmed during this photo session. In fact, Toby barely opened his eyes from his nap!)

The Shetland Triangle is finished, but remains in a Blob state. I’ve ordered more foam blocking squares which should arrive any day and then I’ll be able to block it – this sucker is huge! The plan is to use this as an “exterior” shawl/scarf/wrap and wear it over my new fall coat. However, being solidly Midwestern and not even a little bit French, I’m not sure this’ll work. It sounds great in my head, but reality doesn’t always line up for me. More details and pictures when it’s been blocked.

I’ve also been busy preparing for Sweater Knitting Season (which officially opens on September 1 – something I just made up) Sweaters have been qued, patterns have been secured, yarn has been purchased and swatched and needles acquired. (Because, according to the Great Needle Conspiracy – another thing I just made up – you never have the right size/length/type of needle and must buy new needles for each and every project. Or so it seems.) I have plans to knit something like 57 sweaters this winter, a number that even I know is ridiculous but, that is the optimism of the Season. Happy Sweater Hunting!