This Just In – I’m Not French

by flowergirlknits

So, I wore the Forest Canopy shawl to work a couple days ago and – it was not horrible. No one would ever mistake me for one of those effortlessly stylish French women, but it looked pretty good – not too nana-ish and nobody laughed (to my face anyway) It did start to get a bit fiddly toward the end of the day, but that’s kind of par for the course for me. I’m not sure the shirt I wore it with was the best choice, but I’m willing to play around with it a bit and try some variations. And I already have yarn and patterns for some more shawls. Maybe I should look into taking French lessons? Ooh-la-la!

When not flinging shawls over my shoulder I’ve been swatching. I hate swatching. Yes, yes – I know how important and vital it is, how the fate of world peace teeters on whether I knit a gauge swatch and I know that people say knitting a gauge swatch is knitting which is what you love to do anyway and that you’re learning incredibly valuable information about the fabric and pattern and how the item will fit, etc etc.

I hate it when people have unassailable arguments against me.

Even though at the moment we’re having the hottest, most humid weather of the year so far, I have a strong urge to knit sweaters. Several sweaters. I guess I hear “late summer” and I start thinking winter! So, I’ve been busy pouring over my Ravlery queue and my stash and trying to match the perfect pattern with the perfect yarn.

Call it lazy, or uncreative, or chicken but more and more I find I have much better luck getting a wearable finished product if I use the yarn indicated in the design. (To make matters worse, I often go with the same color as shown in the pattern!) Ravelry has helped somewhat, especially on really popular patterns, where I can see other yarns that have worked well; I’m still an inexperienced enough knitter that I don’t always pick up on the qualities of a yarn that would make it suitable or not (plys and twists and such)

So, I’ve been swatching, swatching, swatching and have come up with several matches. Some call for lighter, DK weight yarns which I think may be a little more versatile. Of course, I’ve got way more projects than I’ll get done, but I’m quite excited by all of them and eager to get started, although I need to do a needle inventory and fill in some gaps. In the meantime, I’ve got a cotton tank and another shawl on the needles. More on those next time.