Jumping off the Crazy Train

by flowergirlknits

I was going to knit a new Cookie A sock pattern from her book, Sock Innovation, each month until I’d knitted them all.

I got through two months.

Then my easily distracted mind (oooh! shiny!) got distracted and I had a sudden and overwhelming urge to knit some lace.

The “funny” thing about wanting to knit lace is that I’m not even sure I’m a Lace person; I’m a little afraid that it will be another case of Capri Pants Phenomenon.

(Capri Pants Phenomenon: Wherein you notice someone wearing capri pants and think – “Wow. They look great! I gotta try some capri pants” – but when you get into the dressing room and look at yourself in the mirror wearing capri pants your mind screams (not out loud, thankfully) “Get them off! Get them Off! GET THEM OFF NOW!” as if the capri pants were a stampeding herd of spiders)

I tend to be a somewhat restrained dresser – t-shirt/sweatshirt/sweater and shorts/jeans/slacks kind of gal. I like to think of my style as “classic”; many would call it “boring”.

So I’m not sure where Lace fits into my “style”.

obviously, Isabel IS a Lace kind of gal

Nevertheless, I’ve merrily left behind any hope of knitting a Sock Innovations sock each month and am now knitting Lace. Specifically, the Forest Canopy shawl in Malabrigo Silky, “blackberry” colorway.

I can hardly wait to block it.

(Maybe that’s why people knit Lace – not to wear it, but to block it! Watch those points sharpen and the pattern pop! Bit sadistic that…)

But no fears Sock Fans – I have no intention of stopping the knitting of socks. For one thing, there’s an enormous amount of sock yarn in my house, all of which I love passionately. Secondly, socks remain the ideal travel companion – quiet, entertaining and they never argue with you over the window seat. And thirdly, there are several trillion bazillion sock patterns out there that I just have to knit.

Sock knitting continues, I’m just jumping off that Crazy Train that imposes deadline stress and narrows knitting choices to just socks socks socks.

Of course, this isn’t to say I won’t be punching a ticket for a different Crazy Train (or TrainS – I’m pretty good at driving myself nutso) sooner rather than later.

But for the moment anyway, I’m on my own.