by flowergirlknits

I have a confession to make:

I haven’t been working on the English Rug.

I keep thinking, “Oh, now isn’t a good time. Tonight, while I’m watching TV – that’ll be perfect.” Except, when I’m watching TV I just sit there like a lump, or read a book or…..knit. Yes, the lure of intriguing new sock patterns and gorgeous sock yarn has yanked me off the straight and narrow. Cookie A! Madelinetosh! Wendy Johnson! Lavender and yellow!

I am weak. I am helpless.

I am doomed.

I’m trying to not be too hard on myself. The fact is, I put the English Rug away for a reason – it got boring. It’s still pretty boring, but the light at the end of the tunnel – while still just a pinprick – is the motivation to pick it up again. I’m just going to have to go at it a bit at a time. Also, crafting in general has taken a hit now that garden season is in full swing – my attention and energies are needed elsewhere. So it’s not abandoned, just resting.

It hasn’t helped any that the knitting that has taken place has been absolutely mesmerizing. The yarn – Madelinetosh Sock for both – is divine. It is now jockeying for position in my top 5 sock yarns. Just get a load of those colors – heavenly!

And the patterns? Well, they’re both Cookie A which tells you something right away. The lavender sock the the right is Marlene, which I’ve wanted to knit from the moment I set eyes on it. I’ve been using this sock as my travel project, but that might not be the best idea – while it isn’t difficult, I’ve found that I need to concentrate on it or risk major tinking.

The sock on the left is Kai-Mei from Sock Innovations. The leg of the sock is very plain 3×3 ribbing – the fun part starts after completing the heel flap (which I’m just about to begin here) when a traveling lace pattern is introduced. To spice up the large chunk of ribbing I taught myself how to do the Norwegian purl (for Continental knitters, this is a way to purl which leaves the yarn at the back of the work instead of moving it to the front. See YouTube videos for more info!) I’m not sure this is any faster yet, but it sure is fun. Kai-Mei is the May KAL pattern for the Ravelry group “Sock Innovation”, so I’d like to finish this pair this month.

And then there is Wendy Johnson’s new book, Socks from the Toe Up. I’m very anxious to try these patterns and techniques and have even wound the yarn for my first attempt….

The English Rug never had a chance.

Sleep tight, English Rug. I’ll wake you up soon (I hope)