Under the Wire

by flowergirlknits

I managed to finish up one more Malabrigo project before March ended (casting off at 11:25pm on the 31st!) Whew!


Pattern: Birthday Cowl

Yarn: Malabrigo worsted, colorway “Sauterne”

Notes: Bright and cheerful, easy but interesting – if you need to crank out a project in a few hours, this is it. I think the finished lines of the pattern are especially nice. Being the loosey-goosey knitter that I am, I could have cast on for one less repeat (even though I went down a needle size) but it’s not bad – still usable – and maybe a quick trip through the dryer will help. This eye-popping color matches my Breathe Deep mittens nicely, and adds some much needed cheer.

sock goodness

In other news, my copy of the new Cookie A book, Sock Innovations, arrived today. I love each and every pattern in it but — some of them look really hard! Like, one has a stitch that requires two cable needles! (I panicked and stopped reading at that point so I might not be absolutely correct on that) and there are some massive charts. I’ve read two schools of thought on tackling a knitting pattern – read it through thoroughly and determine that you understand each and every stitch or, plunge in. You’ll figure it out when you get to it.

I’m going to subscribe to the second method and not look too closely at those patterns!

Next time: exciting updates from the Members Only KAL!