The Mitts-I-Did-Not-Want-to-Knit

by flowergirlknits

manly mitts

So, my Boss pulls me aside the other day saying she wanted to ask me about my “crocheting”. I had knit some fingerless mitts for the people I work with because our main desk sits right in the path of the North Wind. Turns out the Boss wanted me to knit a pair of mitts – wait for it – for her husband! He is apparently having trouble keeping his hands warm and she thought a pair of mitts might be just the thing.

Now, this Boss is a nice enough person and if I had said no she wouldn’t have been upset and she’s not the type of boss that would have penalized me. She’s just kind of clueless. I don’t think she has any idea of the time and thought that goes into knitting something.  Even a simple pattern like this took up two evenings of precious knitting time. The sad thing is, she kind of acted like she was doing me a favor, as if maybe I had oodles of time on my hands with no idea what to knit next. <sigh>

Of course, the real reason I was kicking myself about having to knit this was me – I should have spoken up and said no but once again, without missing a beat I said “Sure!” Since then I have been practicing saying “I’m sorry. I have too many projects, many with deadlines, to take on another project. I won’t be able to do that for you” but it’s little late now. There should be an Assertiveness Training for Knitters class at the next Stitches. Maybe I’ll suggest that to them…

Pattern: 220 Fingerless Mitts (Rav link)

Yarn: Cascade 220 (obviously) in grey and walnut brown, both from stash

Notes: Aside from the personal angst, this a nice little unisex pattern. The ribbing makes them easy-to-fit a wide range of sizes, the pattern is well-written and who doesn’t have some bits of Cascade 220 (or comprable worsted) on hand? They’re also super-easy to jazz up with stripes or a pattern.  I added the brown stripe for a bit of interest; I actually think they’re kind of ugly, but “manly”. Hope the recipient is able to use them.

In happier news, Manic March is about to begin! I’m off to wind yarn and organize patterns!