Clearing the Decks

by flowergirlknits

Another FO! Here are the Saxony Socks, finished at last. Aren’t they pretty?

Pattern: Saxony Socks from A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, “Some Summer Sky” colorway

Mods: Continued the cable down the instep instead of plain stockinette.

Notes: I love these socks. The pattern was clear and easy to follow and lots of fun to knit (this is the second pattern I’ve knit from this book and another clear winner) The moss stitch on the back of the leg adds a lot of interesting texture and the cable is beautiful and classic. Also, they fit perfectly. Love!

This is a perfect example of a yarn and pattern working together instead of fighting each other. The Dream in Color is divine to work with and the colors are heavenly – I would call it tonal variegated light blues with a wash of lavender (I just totally made up that description) The light color allows the patterns and textures to shine and the firm twist of the yarn makes the cables pop. I love Dream in Color and plan to slowly work my way through all of their colorways.

I used these socks as my “lunch knitting” and while we got along fine, I don’t think this pattern was the best choice for fitting in tiny bits of knitting here and there. It wasn’t an easily memorizable pattern (at least it wasn’t for me) which meant I was very tied to the chart and also – very slow progress. There were many days where I only knit a row or two and many more that I didn’t pull it out because, by the time chart and counter were set-up, there just wasn’t time to knit. Lesson: pick a repeating pattern that is easy to memorize and follow.

I’ve been busy clearing the decks in preparation for a very busy March full of knitting events and I’m pleased with my progress. This just leaves my Noro Striped Scarf to complete (I’ve put the Retro Rib socks in hibernation) to clean out my stack of WIPs. The scarf is such an ideal tv-knitting pattern that I’m not too concerned – it’ll get done soon enough. Sadly, a wrench has gotten thrown into my carefully laid finishing plans – a new project has been thrust upon me. But that’s a story for another day…