by flowergirlknits

mitten debut in the snow

Pretty, aren’t they? Something about the combination of red-fushia-pink in the contrast yarn that is both feminine and strong, the graceful design of the front of the mitten that reminds me of flowers, the checkerboard pattern on the palms that seems almost three-dimensional – all of this comes together in an exceptional mitten.

One problem. They’re too big, unless you’re an exceptionally long-fingered man who likes red-pink-and-white mittens.  I, however,  don’t know any long-fingered men who like red-pink-and-white mittens. I don’t know any men past the age of oh about eight that like mittens, let along red-pink-and-white ones. So, for better or worse, they’re my mittens.

let me read your palm...

Pattern: NHM #7 from Selbuvotter by Teri Shea

Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra, one skein in Natural and one skein in Handpaints #SU0208-032. This color combination/yarn choice is a complete and absolute rip-off of the colors/yarn used by Yarnharlot and micha224 as seen on Ravelry. I did step outside the box and choose a variegated yarn that is red and pink; theirs was red and orange. I’m nothing if not bold.

so pretty!

Notes: Besides being way too long, my knitting technique would not hold up to close scrutiny. I still have a lot of work to do on perfecting stranded knitting – my floats are still too uneven. Aggressive blocking with the steam iron helps somewhat.  I also had a bear of a time with the thumbs, especially when picking up stitches “in pattern”. It became a spiral into frustration until I just wanted to get them done, no matter what.

Teri Shea explains in her book  that many Selbu mittens are long – this allows for the design to remain uninterrupted to its conclusion. She assures us that after a few washes, they’ll shrink lengthwise a bit. I have pretty long fingers – I often have trouble finding comfortable gloves. These mittens are a good inch and a half to two inches too long. Guess I could carry extra change or a spare key in that space…