by flowergirlknits

I didn’t use to be this way – I used to have one, at the most two projects (one for knitting on the go, a larger one for knitting at home) on the needles at any one time. Suddenly, I have six – six! – projects all in progress. I blame Ravelry, that temptress, with all those fabulous patterns, many free, constantly on display. I also blame the cold – our sub-zero temps make me dream of blankets and mitts and cowls and sweaters, all of which need to be knit immediately.

Of course, if I don’t stop starting and start finishing (got that?!) I won’t have any of these warm woolies finished until about oh, July when I definitely won’t want to be wearing them! Also, even though I’ve been knitting up a storm, there’s very little to blog about.

that's a lot of blue

Noro Striped Scarf in Noro Silk Garden- Not sure about this color combination but it’s early yet. Love the pattern and the yarn.

Hemlock Ring Blanket in Malabrigo – I’d studied this pattern when it first hit Ravelry and thought I didn’t have the skills/knowledge to attempt it but in fact it’s been lots of fun.

Tang (Rav link) in Malabrigo worsted – Body is completed and first sleeve is about one third done. Learning lots of new skills with this pattern.

NHM #7 Mitten (Rav link) in Shelridge Farm in Soft Touch Ultra – Second mitten is completed through the cuff.

Retro Rib Socks (Rav link) in ShiBui Sock – These have been untouched the longest; they’re to match – you guessed it – Tang.

Saxony Socks (Rav link) in Dream in Color Smooshy – These are my “lunchtime knitting” so they are growing slowly. First sock finished, second sock started.

As far as I know, Startitis isn’t fatal. Each of these projects fills a need – simple socks for short bursts of knitting time, plain stockinette for mindless knitting, complex patterns to challenge. And I’m pretty confident that all of these will get done – I certainly haven’t lost the love for any of them!

almost as good as chocolate!

To complete my “bad knitter” rap sheet, I broke my Yarn Diet this week. This was a planned break – for a variety of reasons I knew I would need a small indulgence as a reward for getting through this past week, something soft and colorful and extravagant but not wallet busting. I came up with this: Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn in one of their new colors, “Shiny Moss” and a lovely wooden shawl pin. Makes me happy just to look at them. Now I just need to knit a shawl for the pin…..hmmmm, I wonder what’s on Ravelry?