M is for Malabrigo

by flowergirlknits

Mmmmmm. It’s been All Malabrigo, All the Time around here lately. Can’t beat that with a stick.

Earlier this week I whipped together another Crofter’s Cowl (Rav link) intended for my hairdresser. She had admired my purple one and carefully mentioned (several times) the color of her coat (black). I’ve been going to her for many years and trust her with my hair implicitly (not a small thing when it comes to one’s hair) and was happy to oblige.

This colorway is “Vermillion”; it’s lighter and has a wash of coral-pink variegation that I hadn’t expected (I would have named it “Geranium”) but it’s still lovely. Malabrigo is so perfect for cowls – warm and light, incredibly soft and it looks gorgeous in patterns like this lace. It also holds blocking beautifully – it’s fun to unpin those points after blocking. The pattern is wonderful – quick to knit and so pretty. I did modify this cowl by knitting five repeats of the pattern instead of knitting two pieces and then grafting them together. This makes it even quicker to finish and still looks, IMHO, great.

I’ve also been working away on Tang. This Malabrigo colorway is “Buscando Azul”  (darker and richer than this photo shows)  I call this my Obama Sweater – I knit a big chunk of the body of this sweater while watching the Inauguration and associated activities (such a fun and happy day, full of optimism and hope!) It’s now my tv-that-needs-close-attention (i.e. “Lost”, “Battlestar Galattica”, etc) knitting; the simple stockinette means that it’s easy to stop and start without losing my place. However, that’s also it’s weak point – I’m easily distracted by more complex/fun projects.

The latest to turn my head was this cowl.

Pattern: Thermis by Kristen Patay

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, colorway “Scarlett”

Notes: This is a wonderful pattern – beautifully written, clear instructions, clever design (I love the button placket and the way it is integrated into the design) The 1×1 ribbing and the thermal pattern are perfect in Malabrigo making it, if anything, even squishier. And I love that the pattern calls for buttons – it adds some character and a dash of style.

I knit this exactly as written; the finished cowl is quite long (written for elegantly swan-necked dancers perhaps?) It easily comes up over the tip of my nose and the bottoms of my ears which, considering the sub-zero weather we’ve been having lately (today’s high – 7 degrees) is a good thing. But if I make it again (and I probably will) I might make the bottom ribbing a bit shorter.

Once again the Malabrigo color surprised – and delighted – me. I had expected a dark red; this is definitely fushia – dark pink with a wash of red. This is all part of the joy of hand dyed yarns – each batch is different and unique.

There’s lots more Malabrigo in my knitting future since I have a rididulous amount marinating in the stash, including sock and lace weights. Somehow that doesn’t bother me one tiny bit!