Saving Troubled Socks

by flowergirlknits

The past week or so has seen some serious sock rehabilitation going on around here – interventions, therapy, reflections on life choices and life-changing solutions. We are Sock Rehab.

just. not. right.

First up: Saxony Socks by Lisa Lloyd in Dream in Color Smooshy “Some Summer Sky”.

surgery aftermath

These were going along swimmingly – a perfect match of pattern and yarn that is great fun to knit. The pattern calls for a intertwining cable down the front of the leg of the sock, then stockinette for the entire foot. Following what some have done on Ravelry, I tried knitting ribbing on the top of the foot, ribbing which matched up with the lines of the cable. Bad idea! The ribbing was too “fat” compared to the cable; the cable is made up of k2 wide lines, but the ribbing – because of the way the cables are crossing – was k4. It just didn’t look right. I think this is partly because of the light-colored yarn – patterning really pops.

The only solution was drastic – surgery. Because of a quirk of the pattern, this meant not only ripping out the top of the foot and the gusset, but also the heel flap. Sometimes it’s best to wipe the slate clean. The sock has now recovered and is firmly on the path of a new and exciting life, this time with the cable extending along the foot. I’ll let you know how it goes.

just say no!

In another Sock Rehab story, the Log Cabin Socks got mixed up with the wrong crowd and blew out the bottom of their heels. It looked pretty grim there for awhile – hard living and an unfortunate trip through the dryer had felted them somewhat, making recovery more difficult. A good old-fashioned intervention saved the day at the last minute – darning has fixed the holes and the Log Cabin Socks live on. (I never understood darning eggs before, but now I see how useful they can be!)

It just goes to show you – everyone/thing deserves a second chance!