Deep Freeze

by flowergirlknits

We’re in the Deep Freeze here, folks and let me tell you – Mother Nature is not kidding around. The temperature today was around 8 degrees, and tomorrow we’re not supposed to get above zero. And then there’s the wind – bone-chilling, teeth-chattering, breath-stopping wind. Thank goodness for soft, cozy handknits!

with stripes!

The Malabrigo Mitts were a big hit with my co-workers. I knit a second pair  in the same pattern, this time using leftover light blue from the Amanda Hat I knit earlier along with a stripe of purple from the previous pair of mitts. Such a great way to use up leftover bits of yarn!

I also knit up a third pair of mitts (these are all so quick and easy). I am especially pleased with myself that I managed to make the striping on them nearly identical, although I had to cannabalize the skein to make it work.

Pattern: Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parks

nearly twins!

Yarn: Noro Kureyon, colorway #185

Notes: This is the first time that I’ve ever used Noro. I found it scratchy and stiff to work with, but the colors, the glorious colors! The yarn did soften after a warm bath and with use, and I expect them to continue to soften. They are perfectly comfortable to wear and toasty warm. I have some Noro Silk Garden in the stash that’s earmarked for one of those famous Striped Scarves – can’t wait to watch the colors emerge.

I ran a small, unscientific experiment this afternoon, while shoveling the walks. My hands are always getting cold so earlier this winter I purchased a pair of heavy, insulated gloves. They’re meant for using during outdoor winter activities. I first shoveled my front walks wearing these gloves and by the end (about 20 minutes) my fingers were very cold and tingling. After coming inside and warming them up, I shoveled the back walks and driveway (again about 20 minutes) But this time I wore my glove (thin gloves from Target) and Squirrel and Oak mittens combo. Guess what – the glove/mitten combo kept my hands much warmer for much longer! The power of wool!


Those Squirrel and Oak mittens have done a lot of work both last winter and this winter – they desperately need a bath and clean-up. But since I’ve been so remiss on knitting mittens I have no others to wear and  I refuse to give these up long enough for them to dry! I have finally started new mittens – NHM #7 from Selbuvotter by Teri Shea (Rav link) There have been a couple of bumps getting started, but seem to be sailing along now – maybe in a couple of weeks the Squirrel and Oaks can take much-needed break!