Saved from Second Sock Syndrome Purgatory

by flowergirlknits

Here they are at last – the Twisted Flower socks have emerged from Second Sock Syndrome Purgatory and live among us whole and complete!

mmmm, royal purple and deep lapis

Pattern: Twisted Flower by Cookie A (genius)

Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwollen 100% superwash, colorway “Rittersporn” (delphinium)

Notes: At first these went swimmingly. Despite the complicated pattern and massive charts that made them portability-unfriendly, the first sock was finished in less than two weeks, and the second sock was nearly halfway done by the end of Socktoberfest. But other things – other socks, sweaters, cowls, hats, sleeping late – kept clamouring for attention and my loyalty wavered and broke. Several times. The Christmas-New Years holiday break gave me a chance to focus on them again and finally rescue them from lingering.

well-heeled indeed

The pattern was fun, but complicated. I had to follow the chart line-by-line – it isn’t the kind of pattern you can memorize (at least for me) Inspite of going down a needle size, and knitting the smallest size, they are a smidgen big on me. And I’m not sure this yarn-pattern combo was the best decision – the pattern is somewhat obscured by the dark colors. That said, I love the way the pattern runs down the back of the heel, I love the rich deep colors of the yarn (it’s nearly impossible to photograph just how vivid and saturated these colors are) and I really love having another pair of hand knit socks to wear!