New Year’s Resolutions, 2009

by flowergirlknits

Here we are with a bright shiny new year, full of optimism and possibilities. And lists. Everyone is making a list of resolutions so that this new year doesn’t go to waste. And by everyone I mean – everyone.

Toby is never shy about sharing his opinion

Toby’s New Year’s Resolutions, 2009

1. Eat more tuna.

2. Ingest more catnip. Lots more.

3. Sleep at least 18 hours a day.

4. Continue refresher training of human servant.


Izzy's glamour shot

1. Eat more turkey.

2. Maintain fur to current high standards of softness and beauty.

3. Sleep at least 18 hours a day.

4. Smack Toby when he gets out of line (i.e. daily)


Ann’s New Year’s Resolutions, 2009

1. Knit mittens. This was on last year’s list too yet I didn’t knit a single mitten in 2008! Not for lack of yarn or patterns or desire just that other things (both life-related and knitting-related) got in the way. Not only are mittens fun and portable, they’re ideal for practicing colorwork and stranding working toward the eventual goal of knitting fair isle sweaters.

2. Knit from the stash as much as possible, and when I do purchase yarn (because we all know it’s going to happen), do so with some thought. Clara Parkes recently posted a wonderful article about Slow Stashing, a movement that many seem to be embracing. I have a lot of really beautiful yarn so it’s not exactly a hardship to knit from my stash. I’ve allowed myself a couple of yarn-buying options – I have some credit built up at Eat Sleep Knit, Webs usually has a big sale in the spring, I’m planning on going to Stitches Midwest in the fall – but first, look at the stash.

3. Organizing. I made huge progress on this last year, I just need to keep going.  This applies to my desk and my house, but also jives nicely with the Slow Stashing movement which asks you to go through your yarn and eliminate anything that doesn’t make you happy – sell it, donate it, throw it out. It’s amazing how much better you feel without this mental baggage.

4. Be Healthy. This applies to all things to do with physical and mental health – good food, exercise, having fun. I’m a big fan of doing things in small doses – a 10 minute walk may not be good training for a marathon, but it gets you up and moving and out in the fresh air. And it adds up. The fun part is easy – more time with the cats and the garden, finding reasons to laugh at every opportunity, doing things I love.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year filled with laughter and hand knits!