The Last FO of 2008

by flowergirlknits

I’ve been a knitting machine the past few days, working on finishing one last project for 2008. Success! I’ll wear it tonight to our wild (not) and crazy (also not) New Year’s Eve celebration (a movie and dinner out)

how many handknits can you cram into one picture?

Pattern: Flyingdales by Lisa Lloyd

Yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair, colorway “Sky Blue”

Notes:  Everything came together beautifully with this project – the pattern was a joy to knit, the yarn was fabulous and the finished product is warm and comfortable (and fits!) I will be getting a lot of use out of this sweater!

look at all those panels of stitches! fun!

This is the first pattern that I’ve knit from Lisa’s book A Fine Fleece; it certainly won’t be the last. I was very impressed with how the patterning came together into a cohesive whole. I did stuggle a bit with keeping my place when first starting the cable/ribbing/seed stitch panels; to remedy this I wrote out the directions, one for the knit side and one for the purl side, in a kind of hybrid of chart and written instructions. Once I had the pattern established it was much easier to knit without reference (although I seemed to constantly mess up the lines of ribbing which separate the cable and seed stitch panels – I got very good at dropping a single stitch down several rows, then laddering it back up correctly – good practice in Being the Boss of my Knitting!)


buttons doing their thing

This was a rare case where I never got tired of the color of the yarn – it’s beautifully heathered, giving it both a complex and a homespun quality. Since the patterns in A Fine Fleece are written for using your own handspun (although commercial alternatives are always given and shown), it worked perfectly. The mohair gives it a soft, slightly fuzzy halo but cables and patterns show crisply. And while you would never use words like “harsh” or “stiff” when knitting with it, after a bubble bath it softened and relaxed beautifully (I guess a bubble bath will do that for anyone, huh?!)

Buttons just got sewn on this afternoon (Jo-Ann Fabrics has them on sale for 50% off starting today) I think the silver adds a nice finishing touch. Just in time for it’s official debut!

Next time – New Year’s Resolutions, Knitting Style. The excitement just never stops around here….