Happy 1 Year Blog-o-versary to Me!

by flowergirlknits

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been writing this blog for one year now! (Except – why oh why did I start a blog in the midst of Christmas craziness? Probably as a procrastination technique)

a fond look back at Blog Year 2008

Whew! That’s a lot of knitting! And it doesn’t count  several ripped or languishing projects or the current WIPs. It’s been a great year knitting-wise – I’ve added several skills to my repertoire and improved on others, I’ve tried projects that pushed and challenged me and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about yarns and colors and making modifications to patterns. I still have loads to learn and try – I look forward to more knitting every day.

I’ve also really enjoyed the writing of the blog; I don’t claim to be any kind of writer other than ordinary, but the regular practice of writing leads to improvement. Keeping a written record of each project keeps the details of each fresh and has helped my development as a knitter – a greater understanding of yarns, needles, stitches and techniques that I’ve used.

And, as a classic introvert, the blog has been ideal place to me speak.  I’m very quiet and rarely speak up in a group. Unlike most people, I don’t do well in loud situations, where people interrupt and talk over each other. When I do speak, it’s slowly – introverts like to think about each word that they say and often are searching for the perfect word – so I’m constantly interrupted, at which point I clam up. But the blog allows me to think about each sentence and phrase, to go back and fix something that didn’t come out right, to “speak” uninterrupted. For an introvert, it’s been lovely.

Next time, the first FO of Blog Year 2009! Alert the media!