Maybe I Should Stick to Socks…

by flowergirlknits

stand up straight! tuck in your shirt! (I'm channeling my Mother)

Just in time for NaKniSweMo (November is National Knit a Sweater in a Month as I’m sure you know) I’ve finished knitting my version of Mr Greenjeans. As usual with me, I was thoroughly sick of the color by the time I got to the sleeves, but I’m warming up to it again now. The fit, on the other hand – not so sure about that.

Pattern: Mr Greenjeans by Amy Swanson

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers colorway 9407

Notes: Knit top down, this simple raglan sweater features cables as part of the ribbing. My only mod was to make the sleeves full length; I like how the ribbing runs from elbow to wrist and I like that I got the sleeves long enough (a problem I often have with store-bought tops)

looong sleeves

However, I don’t like the fit so much – too big on top and too narrow on the bottom. And, unless my physic suddenly changes to something like Barbie’s (not likely), there’s not a lot to be done for it. I don’t see myself wearing this to work, but it might work as something to throw on when I’m running to the grocery store or somewhere casual.

On the plus side, I used stash yarn (more room for new yarn!) and it was good practice for knitting a top down sweater. I’m a bit discouraged about getting a sweater to fit – a common struggle for many knitters – but I’m not quite ready (yet) to give up on them completely.

I’m now entering a “Blue Period”, although without the Cubist influence or tumultuous love life (ha!) – I’m back to knitting on Flyingdales which got set aside for Socktoberfest and NaKniSweMo: it will be followed by Tang (Ravelry link) Both are in lovely blue yarns. There are also, of course, matching socks to be made, also in blue. (It’s a compulsion; I’m helpless to resist) Fortunately, I have oodles of accessories to be knit – scarves, mittens, gloves, cowls – which should give me some breaks from all the blueness.