Mystery Solved!

by flowergirlknits

mysteries revealed

Here are the KAL Mystery socks, all their lovely secrets revealed at last. This was a fun pattern and I loved the way it was revealed one week at a time. I had orginally thought I would only be able to knit one sock during the month but, lo and behold – I have dpns up the wazoo, even though I’ve only been knitting socks for about a year and a half. Plenty of dpns to knit both socks! I used Lantern Moon Sox Stix, which, for reasons that can only be explained by my ability to come up with some really creative justifications when shopping, I am in possession of two sets. But hey! it worked a charm to have them for this project! So maybe I wasn’t totally crazy…

Pattern: KAL Mystery Socks (Ravelry link) by Kristen from Through the Loops

that was awful close...

Yarn: ShiBui Merino Sock, “Wausabi” colorway

Notes: There were several variations of the pattern offered; I choose the 64 stitch with cable. There is also a “plain” pattern without the cable running through the lace which I think would work especially well for variegated yarns. Pattern was clearly written and easy to follow and, as you can see, resulted in lovely socks.

I did sweat the toes for awhile – I was convinced that I would run out of yarn (one of the several curses of long feet), but I had about 10 yards left over – whew!

cable detail - nice!

I’ve read some criticism lately of ShiBui sock yarn and it’s tendancy to pool but I continue to adore it. Admittedly, I’m not real quick on the uptake on the pooling – although it’s pretty obvious on the toes on these socks – it doesn’t usually bother me too much. I love ShiBui’s colors and I love the yarn itself – it has substance yet is easy to knit with and the resulting fabric is super soft and comfortable to wear. I have two other pairs of socks in ShiBui and, so far, they’re wearing well. There will be more ShiBui socks in my future.

Thanks to Kristen for sharing such a wonderful Socktoberfest pattern!