Socks and Self-Esteem

by flowergirlknits

self-esteem socks

I’ve just finished reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s new book of essays Free Range Knitter. As you would expect if you’re a regular reader of her famous blog (and if you’re not I recommend that you try it) the book is full of humor and insight and focuses on Stephanie’s favorite subject – knitters. There aren’t any knitting patterns or glossy photos, just gems of truth about knitters and knitters out and about in the (mostly) non-knitting world which can’t understand why you spend all that time and money knitting socks when you can buy tube socks at the local Big Box store for $1.99.

One of my favorite essays from the book is “Knitting Self-Esteem” which discusses why knitting is good for quelling that inner voice of self-doubt that most of us carry around with us (why is it easier to believe bad things about yourself rather than the good things?) My favorite quote:

Knitting could be a phone line that rings straight into the kitchen of your inner self and says, “Hello? I just wanted to call and tell you that you’re wrong about me. I’m great, and I have the socks to prove it.”

The very act of knitting can not only offer some solace to a frazzled soul, it is physical proof that you’re not worthless (or stupid or whatever that nasty voice tells you) You’re smart and capable and persistent and creative (there’s another great essay on whether knitting is creative, which, yes, it is) Plus, knitting is fun!

So, keep knitting those socks (and sweaters and shawls, etc) – it’s good for you.