Sock Surgery

by flowergirlknits

Ack! The KAL Mystery Sock has been giving me fits! Drastic measures were the only answer. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, Sock!

the aftermath of sock surgery

Clue #1 (the cuff) of the KAL Mystery Sock went swimmingly; both socks got done well before the second clue arrived. Clue #2 (the leg) was reavealed the past Wednesday and I eagerly got started. I’m working the 64 stitch, cabled version. It’s a great pattern, complicated enough to keep it interesting but not overwhelming. And watching the mystery pattern appear is lots of fun. My yarn (ShiBui Sock Yarn in “Wasabi”) is utterly and completely fantastic. All good, right?

Wrong! Apparently, following the pattern directions makes a big difference in the final outcome! Shocking! I managed to incorrectly cross cables not once but twice! (Maybe watching “Pushing Daisies” and “Project Runway” while working on a new pattern isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had!) I’m sure Ordinary Joe walking down the street wouldn’t notice in a thousand years, but it does ruin the smooth line of the serpentine pattern of the cables. In the interest of time I had decided to be Zen about it and just accept it as part of the universe and had moved on to the second sock when errata for the 64 stitch pattern came out – and I discovered that I had knit 10 extra rows on the first sock!

OK, maybe that’s a sign. The second sock was fine (although, later, I incorrectly crossed a cable again! I tinked back immediately and fixed it) I have a very difficult time ripping back a specific number of rows, especially in a pattern that includes cable crosses and yarn overs. And I made several mistakes in the first sock, above and beyond the crossed cables. So I ripped it down to the ribbing edge (where it was relatively easy to pick up). Fifty-eight rows of sock knitting – gone! 3712 tiny stitches – poof! And really, I feel much better for it. It was the right thing to do.

This does, however, put me behind in my sock knitting schedule – if I’m not careful I may not get any socks finished during Socktoberfest, let alone a pair! I know it’s not a contest, but I would really like to get one or two done yet this month. So, back to sock knitting – and paying attention to the pattern! Duh!