by flowergirlknits

In the spirit of Socktoberfest, I have a sock-related confession to make.

I match the color of my socks to the sweater/shirt/jacket that I’m wearing whenever possible.

There. It’s out in the open. The unvarnished truth and yet more evidence of my strangeness (I prefer “eccentric”) I’ve always done this and, in fact, I don’t understand not doing it. It’s probably related to my being hyper-organized, or perhaps it indicates some deep, dark psychological imbalance. I prefer not to know, though, and happily continue with this harmless little quirk.

Knitting socks has opened up a whole new world of Matching. With multiple talented dyers, yarn processors and pattern designers busily enabling me, my Matching obsession has reached new heights. For example:

Exhibit A

aren't they beautiful?

Exhibit B

matching in the making

Exhibit C

as an Advanced Matcher, I've now progressed to knitting both the sweater and the socks*

Exhibit D

matching yet to come

What conclusions can we draw from this damning evidence?

1. Pretty colors!

2. I have a lot of really nice sock yarn!

3. I also have a lot of nice sweaters!

4. I’m not going to run out of sock projects anytime in the foreseeable future!

All good! Matching is good! I recommend it to all.

Now go forth and knit some Matching socks.

*There’s a theory that you shouldn’t wear more than one handknit item at a time. There are no Knitting Police of course, but I do think there are Fashion Police, so proceed with caution.