Fresh Start

by flowergirlknits

Autumn is in the air around here. Oh, the weather is still summer hot and humid, but there is a definate change of mood. School has started up again, some trees are dropping leaves, harvest is in full swing. Autumn is upon us. The perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

yup, that's orange

I have been struggling with my “melon” CeCe (really, it’s orange – it’s time I admitted it) The body went swimmingly and all was looking good until I approached the first of the decreases for the neckline and courage deserted me. The thought of “keeping in pattern” while decreasing for the neckline and then, yikes!, “at the same time” decreasing for the sleeves…..Well, I just couldn’t face it. A botched buttonhole was the last straw.

someday Yosemite, maybe

I then turned, eagerly at first, to Yosemite, in a lovely lavender. This turned ugly very quickly however, when sizing issues (tricky for this pattern to begin with) simply overwhelmed me. Gauge was elusive and the math was beyond (my) comprehension.

great color, not so great yarn

To make matters worse, Livia is not going well and I believe it’s the yarn. It’s J Knits and the color is fabulous – I adore the color. But the yarn – I do not adore the yarn. It’s splitty and thin and lacking in substance (I’m sure there are professional yarn reasons for this, having to do with the number of plies and how it’s been twisted or turned or spun or whatever. All I know is that I’m not happy)

viva la cables!

So instead of forcing myself to knit something simply because I’ve started it, I’ve set both cotton sweaters aside (they are not frogged, simply hibernating) Perhaps late next winter, when I’m so hungry for spring colors, I’ll be able to pick one or both of these up again and make sense of them. And I’ve picked out a different yarn for Livia, one that I will adore, and will soon start over with these.  In the meantime, I’m turning to fall knits.

Here is the start of Veste Everest, in Cascade 220 Heathers teal. I do love me some cables. The pattern of the cables is very easy to memorize and I’ve finally mastered cabling without a cable needle – sweet! So far I’m loving this – I hope to get it done in time to wear this fall.

happiness = a Cookie sock

And here is my new “travel” sock – BFF Socks by Cookie A. Cables and Cookie A – a match made in heaven! The yarn, which is from A Piece of Vermont, is fabulous – very substantial yet soft and squishy. The colors make me think of Vermont in the winter (I’m getting a bit poetic here….) – granite grays for the mountains with bits of bright blue for winter skies. My only concern is that the variegation might obscure the pattern, but it’s too soon to tell yet.

I’m a much happier knitter now. Like I said just a few days ago, life is too short to waste it on yarn or patterns you don’t love. I just didn’t think I’d have to live by that creed quite so soon!

Here’s hoping your knitting, fall or otherwise inclined, is going well!