Together at Last

by flowergirlknits

happy socks

Look at this happy pair; don’t they look good together? That’s the thing about socks – they’re happier (and more useful) in pairs.

I don’t usually have a problem with Second Sock Syndrome – the second sock goes on the needles as soon as I finish the first – but because of several gift knits and non-knitting obligations I was forced to set this pair aside after finishing the first one back in April. Happily, now they’re together at last. It was worth the wait.

Pattern: Twisted Tulip Socks by Chrissy Gardiner

impressive (but easy) motifs

Yarn: ShuBuiKnits Sock, colorway “Jonquil”

Isabel approves

Notes: I absolutely love these socks. The pattern was huge fun – there have been a few rumblings from some knitters about the charts used for this pattern, but I found that once I figured out how the pattern was building, it made perfect sense and was easy to follow. I did have to follow those charts carefully; this isn’t the kind of pattern you can memorize, nor does it travel very well. And even though it looks very complicated, it’s really just relatively simple stitches used cleverly to build a pattern. I love the narrow lace patterns on the sides of the leg and foot, and the serpentine traveling stitch panels along the central tulip motif. Very fun! Also, they fit perfectly.

As before, I love ShuBui sock yarn – subtle colors, substantial yarn which allows the cables and twisted stitches to pop, the soft finished fabric – all perfectly lovely.

And now I can have blooming tulips all year round.