They Grow Up So Fast

by flowergirlknits

Today is the birthday for my All-Around What-Would-I-Do-Without-Them Helpers.

And by Helpers, I mean Troublemakers.

Toby loves to lay on empty egg cartons. I don't know why.

Toby and Izzy are nine years old today. They’re from the same litter and, although they have similar coloring, they’re very different personalities.

Izzy is sweet sweet sweet, she loves people and is usually very calm. She often brings me toys, meowing the whole time, and will chase it down and bring it back to me again and again. Once she got shut in a closet for half a day while I was at work (I did NOT put her in the closet; she snuck in herself and I didn’t notice) When I got home and let her out she wasn’t upset, but followed me around, meow meow meowing, telling me all about her adventure.

Izzy loves to lay in the sun because she's a smart cat.

Toby is trouble and that’s it. He’s bossy and opinionated and when he wants something he wants it RIGHT NOW. He also purrs almost constantly; I’ve never known a cat to purr so much. He even purrs at the vets (which he loves going to); the only time he stopped purring there was one time when they had to gently pull his third eyelid up to make sure there was nothing caught behind it (there wasn’t and his eye problem soon cleared up). He rides on my shoulders a lot and loves to be up high.

I’ve been lucky with these two in that they don’t disturb my yarn too much (although I’m careful to put it away when I’m not using it) They do occasionally bat at a needle or try to sit on a work in progress (while I’m knitting), but mostly they co-exist peacefully.

I really don’t know what I’d do without these two; there’s something wonderful and comforting about pets. I simply adore these two and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Now if you’ll excuse me, His and Her Majestys’ require that their servant come feed them…