Presenting: The Most Boring Socks Ever

by flowergirlknits

boring socks

Oh, they look lively enough, with their citrus-y lime color and snappy stripes; they look as if they should be sitting poolside, sipping one of those fruity tropical rum drinks with tiny umbrellas, flirting with the cabana boys, soaking up some rays. But don’t let those looks decieve you – they’re actually terribly shallow and only want to talk about themselves; sadly they’re very dull.

Pattern: Basic Sock Pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee with k7p1 ribbing

Yarn: ONline Supersocke 100 Cotton Summer Color, #1043

Notes: These turned into a very boring project. It wasn’t the patterns’ fault, really, a perfectly serviceable pattern that I have used many times and would recommend as an excellent first sock pattern. I even tried to liven it up – in vain – with some ribbing. But I have seen the bright lights of Cookie A and Ann Budd; I now want sock patterns with swoops and swirls and twists and cables. I want the flow of a pattern across a leg or down a heel, the surprise of cables making a picture – I have become, apparently, a Sock Pattern Snob.

I also have to add, the yarn was pretty ghastly. For a cotton sock yarn, it was probably perfectly fine, but I just never liked it. It’s like knitting with, well, cotton string (Duh! That’s what it is!) I really prefer wool or wool blends now, for a variety of reasons the strongest of which is, apparently, I’m now also a Sock Yarn Snob. sigh.

This all begs the question – exactly why did I stick with this project, doggedly knitting on even though I grew to dread it? I suppose partly it’s because it was my “travel project” and those swoopy, swirling patterns don’t always travel well. It also might be because I really like the lime green color, and that I was convinced that cotton socks would be hugely useful in the summer (although I’ve found that my wool socks, especially the lacy ones, are often just fine at my over-air-conditioned work place) But really, why keep keep knitting them? Life’s too short for projects you don’t love. Next time I come up against a pattern or yarn I don’t like, I’m setting it aside – without guilt! – and finding something I do love.

Here’s hoping you’re loving what you’re knitting!