You Lead, I’ll Follow

by flowergirlknits

all done!

I’m nothing if not a good follower. So, here I go again, following.

Everyone and their uncle (or aunt) has already made one of these, probably because it’s a relatively simple knit with a nice detail at the neck and a well-written pattern which results in a garment that is flattering to many. What’s not to like?

Pattern: Green Gable by Sarah and Rachel

Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic in colorway #3837

Notes: This was a great pattern to knit; the directions are clear and easy-to-follow, there is a lot of room for tweaking to make it a perfect fit and the lace at the neckline adds a lot of interest, both while knitting it and after the sweater is done. I did find the endless miles of stockinette on the main part of the sweater to be mind numbing (I do like my cables) I had planned to add quite a bit of length to the body but I was nearly cross-eyed with boredom by that point and only made it 3/4″ longer. It turned out to be the perfect length – long enough to cover the waistband of my jeans/slacks, but little danger of belly baring. I also made each of the sleeves 3/4″ longer and again, that worked out perfectly – they are a little loose fitting, but not too sloppy and are better visually (for me) than a cap sleeve.

vanity shot

This was a rare case where I didn’t get tired of the color of the yarn. I think this blue is fresh and clear and I like it as much now as I did when I picked it out. Cotton Classic comes in about a million colors (ok, several dozen) much like Cascade 220. This is great for finding the perfect shade, but it can also be paralyzing¬† – this one or this one that’s 2 degrees slightly darker? It’s like going to the paint store for white paint and being confronted with 50 shades of white! Argh! Fortunately, I was able to find the right color and not have second thoughts. I have quite a bit left over; I’m planning on making a market/string bag with it.

I think I will get a lot of use out of this; it looks a little “homemade” – I can see my mistakes, but most people probably can’t. It’ll work well for work or for casual for the hot days of summer.

Bonus: I got it done while it’s still summer!