American Beauty for an All-American Lady

by flowergirlknits

silk scarf glamour shot

Still catching up (as if one can ever be caught up!) This is a project from June, a silk scarf I made as a birthday gift for my Mom. My Mom turned 88 on July 1 (she’s in excellent health and has more energy – and a busier social life! – than I do) She’s part of that “greatest generation” – she grew up on a farm during the Great Depression and came of age during World War II. She also managed to survive raising myself and my two brothers into reasonable citizens of the world.

Toby points out the lovely stitch definition

Every life, of course, is unique and interesting, but I think my Moms’ has a chapter that is especially fascinating – she served as a US Army Nurse during World War II (her unit, the 217th, first served in England, landed on Normandy Beach on D-Day+70, then was based in Paris until the end of the war). Her stories filled my childhood with images of cow pastures in France and U-boat scares while crossing the Atlantic and their Paris hospital wards overflowing with wounded during the Battle of the Bulge. I picked up my love of history from my Dad, and my Mom was able to fuel that interest with history made real, an amazing and priceless opportunity. So, to celebrate a special life, a special gift – a hand-made lace scarf, knit in silk in a gorgeous jewel-tone red.

Pattern: Vine Lace Scarf No. 186 by Tilli Thomas

Yarn: Tilli Thomas Pure and Simple (100% silk); colorway American Beauty

Notes: This was a fun and fairly quick knit. The pattern is simple and easy to memorize, but interesting enough that it didn’t get boring. This is the first time I’ve knit with silk and this yarn was lovely – very soft with a nice sheen. Silk is not as elastic as wool, but was generally easy to work with. I especially like the color – a very rich red with subtle variations that did not detract from the pattern, but added depth. A fun project (and I got it done on time!)