Monkeys for Rita

by flowergirlknits

monkeys with nasturtiums

They’re a couple weeks late, and the toes don’t match exactly, but Rita’s Birthday Socks are finished. Rita won’t mind the toe issue, and she knew they were on the way (and didn’t really need wool socks in July!), so we’re good to go.

Pattern: Monkeys by Cookie A

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, “Tropical Storm” colorway

unique monkey toes

Notes: What’s not to love about Monkeys? One of Cookie A’s brilliant concoctions, they are the most popular pattern on Ravelry. They’re great for variegated yarns as well as solids and are endlessly entertaining to knit. This project was also a stash-buster for me; this yarn had been marinating in my stash for a couple years (which begs the question, why am I hunting down hard-to-get yarns when I already have many lovely ones?!) I did run a few yards short – not to put too fine a point on it, but Rita has big feet (Hey, mine are only slightly smaller so I have nothing but sympathy) Finding another skein in the same dyelot was out of the question, so I ordered some matching Cherry Tree Hill in solid purple (amythest). Not only do the colors match, but because they’re the same manufacturer, the weight and twist also match. Since I only used a few yards, there’s plenty left in the skein for another pair of socks for me….and I’m already considering the possibilities.

Speaking of sock possibilities, have you seen the Fall Preview of Interweave Knits? There are two sock patterns that just stopped me in my tracks – Bacchus and Knotty or Knice both look amazing, although the pattern details for Bacchus call for size 00 needles – yikes! Very intriguing.  Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!