Knitting Furiously

by flowergirlknits

I’m coming up on two, count them two knitting deadlines, both within a few days of each other. You would think that I’d learn to either plan ahead a little better or to say no but somehow I keep getting in these pickles.

Last year I learned the magic of making socks and came up with the brilliant idea to make socks for birthday presents for close friends and immediate family. This gave me the perfect excuse to indulge in beautiful sock yarns and solved thinking up gift ideas. Perfect! Ha! I ended up knitting 13 pairs of socks, most of which were on time or arrived with a couple weeks of the birthday. I even managed to slip in a couple pairs for myself. However, it was a lot pressure and I decided to become a seriously selfish knitter and knit more things for myself.

A kink in Plan Selfish, however, was that I had set the bar seriously high and more than one person was rather disappointed to not get handknit socks. A couple went so far as to tell me I had to knit them socks (rather bold of them, but these are bold people) Of course I love to knit socks, and love giving knitted items as gifts, but I’m not sure everyone is aware of just how much high quality sock yarn costs, or how much time it takes to knit all those tiny stitches. Or that I have a full-time job and that I need to sleep at night.

New babies are a whole different ballgame of course. Babies need handknits plus they’re quite small so “whipping something up” for them is much more realistic. (Fingers crossed)

These are Monkey socks for my friend Rita (who also happens to be my boss!) Rita is one of the Sock Demanders mentioned above. I had tried to make a pair using cotton yarn and a different pattern and I just wasn’t happy. So I turned to a favorite pattern (and Cookie A magic) and pulled some wool yarn out of the stash making for a much happier knitter. I’ve just started the second sock; I’d like them to be done by July 14 but Rita may have to settle for getting the second sock a little late (I don’t think she’ll mind)

This is a Baby Soft Cardigan in blue; I made one earlier this year for Jen’s baby Issac and I really liked the pattern so I decided to knit it again for my friend Steph. This needs to be done by July 20.

Oh, did I mention? I’m hosting – at my house – a wedding shower for another friend….on July 20! Which, for some insane reason, led me to decide this would be a good time to paint the house! OK, apparently Reality has sent his good friend Crazy to come and follow me around now. (In my defense, it was just two small rooms of the house and they’re both done now and look quite nice, thank you)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go knit. Furiously.