By the Sea, by the Sea, by the Beautiful Sea

by flowergirlknits

Pomatomus is, believe it or not, the family name of the bluefish. (The things one learns because of knitting!) It is also a wildly popular sock pattern by Cookie A. Here are my Pomatomus socks, in bright, vivid aqua. I had every intention of finishing them while on vacation at the beach (thinking it would be terribly symbolic) but Reality, ever the spoil sport, stepped in and laughed at that plan. I did get a good start on them at the beach and got a lot more done on them on the drive home (obviously, I wasn’t driving!)

The yarn for this pair of socks has a great story behind it. I odered it online from Simply Socks, getting two skeins. Sock yarn that comes in two skeins has the great advantage of letting you know if you have enough yarn by the end of the first sock and, if you are running short, give you time to think up a Plan B. That’s what happened here (all those twisted stitches take a lot of yarn); at first I was going to knit the toe in a different color – I had plenty of leftover sock yarn bits at home. But I really loved the way the socks were turning out in their single color and I decided to see if I could get one more skein from Simply Socks in the correct dyelot.

As soon as I got home I emailed Allison at Simply Socks and inquired about the possibility of another skein. She replied quickly with an affirmative and I sent off my order asap (umm, I might have ordered some other yarn too….) Within a few short days my yarn had arrived, a perfect match – and I was able to finish the second sock.

But the story doesn’t quite end there. Allison had mistakenly sent two skeins of yarn instead of the one I ordred. I packed it up and returned it to her; to thank me she sent me two beautiful patterns for free! (One can never have too many patterns for sock yarn) And she mentioned in her blog how nice it had made her feel to have the yarn returned which, in turn, really made me feel good too! Knitting People seem to be extra thoughtful and Allison just proved it again. Thanks Allison! (By the way, Simply Socks has good prices, great selection and, if you haven’t guessed, excellent customer service!)

Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A

Yarn: ShiBui Sock Yarn, colorway Sky

Notes: Love love love these socks. First off, the pattern is genius. Cookie A is the Einstein of sock pattern designers. The way the patterns flows and twists and turns, the brilliant simplicity of the pattern itself, the ease at which this complex-looking sock comes off the needles. I especially love the way the ridges of the pattern flow into the heel. Watching a Cookie A pattern emerge while you’re knitting it is one of the great pleasures of sock knitting. I’m also a big fan of her Monkey socks pattern (I actually have one on the needles right now) and have several more of her patterns in my queue.

The yarn is also wonderful; ShiBui is my newest sock yarn favorite (not to say I’ve abandoned any of the others!) I love the colors, especially the semi-solids which I think work best with patterned socks. There’s just enough varieation in the color to add some depth, but not so much to be distracting from the pattern. It’s also very soft, yet sturdy (machine washable!) Fab-u-lous.

Some people think the pattern on the socks resembles the scales of a fish; I also think they look like stylized ocean waves. Perfect for socks named for a fish in the sea.