Traveling Knitter – Outer Banks, North Carolina

by flowergirlknits

While the Outer Banks is a familiar to people living on the East Coast, it’s not quite as well-known to the rest of the country. Comprised of a narrow strip of land running along the east coast of North Carolina, it is famous for wide, relatively uncrowded beaches, great seafood, five lighthouses (including the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse) and the site of the Wright Brothers first flights at Kitty Hawk. It’s also home to a fascinating and fragile ecosystem which includes a wealth of bird life, wild horses and various sea creatures. To this Midwestern born and raised girl, it is exotic and fascinating; I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit it frequently since my family has a reunion there about every other year where we rent a big beach house and everyone that can, comes.

This was a “beach-house year” (as we call them). I spent about as much time deciding on what knitting projects to pack as I did clothes and somewhere along the line Reality (with whom I’m barely acquainted) abandoned me and I ended up packing about 6 different projects. Haha! Very funny, Reality. I did get Jim’s Giant Socks knit, which was the most important and I got a good start on another pair of socks (which I’ll show in a later post), but the other projects simply came along for the ride and some salt air.

Added to the fun, for me, this year was discovering a yarn shop near where we were staying. Yet another great feature of Ravelry is being able to search for local yarn shops by location. I arrived in North Carolina with map and address in hand and soon made my way to Knitting Addiction in Southern Shores. This is a delightful shop – one large, open room that nevertheless packs an impressive array of yarns. There was a lot of cotton and linen displayed (understandable in a warm weather location at the beginning of summer) including Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and O-Wool Organic. They also had some very cute t-shirts for sale (“Hand over the sock yarn and no one will get hurt”). I just happened to be wearing my Ravelry “Daily Dose of Fiber” t-shirt that day and two of the ladies working the shop noticed and commented on it. Best of all they have a cat! A lovely grey calico who was holding court on a hand-knit blanket at the front of the store! She was very sweet but made me miss my own cats even more.

I picked up some Blue Sky Organic Cotton for another Baby Soft Cardigan but refrained, with great difficulty, from buying more yarn (also, my brother, who was driving and had so far been very patient with me, was beginning to get antsy) I also picked up a beautiful, hand crafted button made by Schena Arts from nearby Hatteras Island. I love the design and I think it will work with CeCe. It was the best souvenir from the whole trip.