Socks on Vacation

by flowergirlknits

Socks are always looking for a good time. You never know where they’ll show up next. Just take a look at these bad boys.

Here they are  hanging around the beach access, checking out the scene.

And here they are flirting with the oleander lining the boardwalk.

Catching some rays.

And now they’re at the beach, getting ready to pop open a cold one.

All pictures taken on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina at Duck (yes, there really is a town named Duck) May/June 2008.

Pattern: Basic Sock Recipe by Stephanie Peal-McPhee (I added a simple 3×1 ribbing for the leg and top of foot)

Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in “Larkspur” for the leg and foot; Fiesta Baby Boom in “Bourdeaux” for the toe and heel. I knew I wouldn’t have enough of the Larkspur (which I had used part of to swatch for an now abandoned project) I lucked out with the Bourdeaux, which I bought online – it matches the Larkspur beautifully.

Notes: I knit these for my friend Jim while I was on vacation. Jim is the kind of guy that you can call, on the verge of hysteria, at 11 o’clock at night, and tell him that the pilot light on your water heater has gone out, how do you re-light it? and he will not make fun of you, then or later. In fact, he will offer to drive across town and light it himself. When your inner feminist shakes you awake and you tell him not to do that, he will then calmly walk you through the steps of lighting said pilot light, even when he has to wait until you can find the long matches, and he will not hang up until you have not blown yourself and the cats up and can safely have hot water again. He’s that kind of guy. Ask me how I know.

Anyway. One day he had mentioned how much he liked the socks I knit for his wife, my good friend Chris, last year. So warm and soft. The hint was very subtle (believe me, I’ve had more than one person tell me point blank that I have to make them a pair of socks!) It was the perfect opportunity for me to return some of the kindness Jim has shown me, and I was very happy to do so.

Did I mention that these are size 15?! Yikes! That’s a big sock!

The yarn is wonderful; it’s slightly thicker than fingering weight which is a big help when making Big Socks. It’s very soft and the colors are fabulous – rich, subtle, complex. Changing out the heels and toes for the Fiesta Baby Boom helped add interest for the knitter (Remember – size 15. That’s a lot of little stitches!) and it’s the first time I’ve done the contrasting heels and toes (although not the last) This was a great vacation knit – relaxing and fun and also of great interest to onlookers. (Again, size 15) One of my more satisfying FOs.

And yes, they fit Jim. Perfectly.