Aaaaannddd…….we’re back!

by flowergirlknits

Whew! That took a long time. Much longer than I expected. What is it about computer guys anyway? I know several through work and while many of them are very nice and charming individuals, start asking them about computer problems/issues and they become nearly incomprehensible, with an almost-phobic regard to giving finish dates. It sets my teeth on edge.

Anyway. Happy happy joy joy! I am almost ridiculously happy to have my computer back and working again. I did lose some pictures (my hard drive died), but overall the outcome isn’t too awful. Besides, what’s gone is gone. Let this be a lesson to us all – back-up your documents!

It will take me awhile to sort through my pictures (I had over 400 on my camera to download – vacation, cats, flowers and yarn) but I will be blogging about knitting very soon – several FOs, visits to yarn shops, and WIPs. I hope you can stand the excitement.