WIPs, Sunday Edition

by flowergirlknits

There has been progress of the knitting variety lately, just not much that is terribly exciting or that I can show yet. The garden has priority these days as I scramble to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather – planting, planning, hauling, more planting, lots of walking around and admiring the return of flowers and colors. I just wish it didn’t go by so fast!

I’ve started Green Gable, light blue edition. I am in my usual state of “will it fit” angst except that this time I’m worrying both that it’ll be too big and too small (I am one of the world’s top Worriers; amateur and less-talented worriers should not try this at home) Top down raglans are still a mystery to me (this is only the second one I’ve knitted) At least I still really like the color, and the pattern is well-written. The lace section at the top was lots of fun and surprisingly easy for the fancy results. I should be separating for the sleeves soon.

My top-secret project is going well; just some finishing work left. I’ll write about it next week. And my lime green summer socks are going v e r y slowly; I only work on them on my lunch hour but they’re good for working on in short bits. Almost to the toe decreases for the first one.

I’m going on vacation soon and have been planning all the knitting projects I’ll be taking along. I should have a lot of knitting time on this trip, so that means an even more inflated idea of what I can get done (Me and reality – not close friends) At least three socks, maybe take Twisted Tulip to finish the second sock (although dragging a chart along is less travel friendly), maybe a summer sweater. I had hoped to have Green Gable done for this trip, but maybe I’ll work on it during this trip.

And oh yeah, I’ve already scoped yarn shops in the area; no need to worry about running out of yarn. What a relief!