by flowergirlknits

I’m doing it again. I’m hoarding. Not yarn (well, ok, some hoarding of yarn may have happened in the recent past and may happen again in the not too distant future, but right at this moment, I’m not hoarding yarn) No, I’m hoarding knitting patterns. You know. Just in case they all disappear.

Actually, books do go out of print (have you ever looked at the prices of some of the out-of-print Alice Starmore classics? Over $100 is not unheard of) Once an issue of a magazine is out of stock it is rarely published again. There has lately been a scramble to find the Paton’s pattern book that contains the much-sought-after “Must Have Cardigan” which can be hard to locate. So lately, I’ve been in a if-you-see-it-and-you-want-it, grab-it mood. Within reason. Concerning knitting patterns.

Recently added to my little hoard: Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman. I love many of the patterns in this book. There are afghans, pillows, scarves, hats and sweaters using a variety of yarn weights and fibers. There is also a cable stitch pattern dictionary. I’m still relatively new to knitting, but the patterns seem interesting and varied, challenging but within reach. I love the way the cables create interesting patterns and this fits right in with my “knit more cables” resolution.

This is the first sweater on my list (I even have the yarn in my stash) What does it say about me that I often like the sweater patterns for men more than the patterns for women? I think it’s because I prefer simpler sillouhettes…..and I think this will make a great casual sweater.

Next is a pattern book from Jamieson’s Shetland Yarns – Simply Shetland 4. There are several patterns I like in this booklet (cables again and the jacket on the cover among others), but I mostly bought it for Eunny Jung’s “Autumn Rose Pullover”. Someday I will knit this. At the moment, I start to read the instructions and pretty soon I start crying. Each time I get a little further before breaking down (metaphorically speaking of course!). But someday….

Finally, I added A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd to my library. This is an amazing book. It shows each pattern knit twice (sometimes three times); once with handspun yarn and again with commercial yarn. There’s lots of info about fiber and handspinning of course, but it’s the patterns that amaze me. Lots of cables and texture, lots of shapes and styles (vest, pullovers, cardigans, socks, scarves) I love seeing each pattern in different yarns and colors – it really expands the possibilities of what each is capable of becoming.

OK, yarn? Check. Patterns? Check. Time? Time? Wait a minute – I need more time! Where do I go to hoard some time?!