A Watched Pot Never Boils….

by flowergirlknits

Lime Green Summer Socks and creeping phlox….and that particular yarn or needle you need for a project never seems to arrive. I decided I would drop Ariann for a bit (a dangerous move since it is somewhat in danger of becoming a permanent UFO) and work on a Green Gable sweater which looks like a quick knit. I have the yarn, but not the needles which seems odd; I seem to have almost every needle size ever invented (often more than one pair) but not the ones I need! I see a conspiracy at work here….

And then mid-deadline-knitting I decided I hated the pattern I had chosen and went and found a new one which, of course (conspiracy alert here!) required yarn that I didn’t have in my stash. My stash that is beginning to look like a branch of the LYS. Odd, no?

While I wait – and wait – for yet more needles and yarn to come to my house, I’ve been working on my Lime Green Summer Socks, which I usually knit on only at work (since it’s so nicely portable) I’m not overjoyed with it so far; the color is good but I’ve come across a knot and a big splice in the yarn already (which probably means I won’t be able to match up the striping between the socks) and the pattern is b-o-r-i-n-g (my fault) However, it’ll be nice to have some cotton socks and the simple/boring pattern is admittedly a relief after all the cables of Twisted Tulip (another project waiting to be completed, but that’s a planned stop and I’ll get back to it soon. Really, I will)