Flower Power

by flowergirlknits

At last – at last – the world is filled with spring flowers. After the long, snowy winter we’ve had here, and after the nightmare late freeze last year (which was particularly hard on the daffodils) I’m enjoying the miracle of spring doubly. Or triply.

The day was so glorious today that Twisted Tulip Sock had to get out and enjoy it too.

Here is is consorting with the “Ice Follies” daffodils.

And here it is checking out another group of “Ice Follies”.

Then it cozied up to some “Tarda” tulips, which just opened for the first time this afternoon.

And finally, here it is getting friendly with a very early bouquet of red and creamy yellow tulips. Looks right at home doesn’t it?

You’ll notice that there is only one sock appearing. That’s because only one is done (a very slow if interesting knit for me) I’m afraid I am now forced into an artificial Second Sock Syndrome as I have some looming knitting deadlines approaching. Plus, it doesn’t help that the garden season is beginning to heat up and is taking a lot more of my time. I usually avoid SSS by casting on for the second sock immediately on finishing the first and I hate to postpone starting the second Twisted Tulip – after all, I don’t have much use for just one sock! But I should be able to pick it up again relatively soon…..so long as I don’t get distracted by something else!

Now get out there and enjoy some of those spring beauties (flowers or socks, your choice)!