Knitting News, Local Edition

by flowergirlknits

First of all, my copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s book, What I Learned from Knitting (whether I wanted to or not) arrived earlier this week. This charming little book is full of funny and thoughtful observations on knitting and life. If you’re familiar with Stephanie’s blog (which I recommend highly not only for humor but for truly inspirational knitting), you know about her special brand of fun. If you haven’t read her blog (or her earlier books) take at look at her January 18, 2008 entry about her cat (even my non-knitting friends loved this one) or her rather elaborate plans to encourage Inexplicable Knitter Behavior in celebration of her book launch on April 1 in Toronto (see the March 26, 2008 entry for details and then read the follow-up entries for how it went) You might find yourself becoming a regular visitor.

I have also been knitting on socks. Baby socks to be precise. A co-worker is about to have a baby, and sooner rather than later. After agonizing over the various baby sweater patterns available (and there are, apparently, thousands) I decide to go with what I know best which is socks. I have no idea if they are anywhere near baby size, if they’re already too small or if the kid’ll be six before she wears them, but they are kinda cute and they are knitting up pretty fast.

Pattern: Classics Socks for the Family #29, from Yankee Knitter Designs (I used the smallest size) as base pattern. Multi-colored sock is simple 2×2 ribbing; pink sock uses the “Hugs and Kisses” cable pattern from Ann Budd’s “Better than Baby Booties” patterns in the Summer 2005 Interweave Knits.

Yarn: ShiBui Sock Yarn. The multi is “Grace” and the pink semi-solid is “Blossom”

Notes: Fun and quick. This is the first time I’ve use ShiBui sock yarn and it’s wonderful – very soft yet substantial and wonderful colors. This is also the first time I’ve used my Lantern Moon Sox Stix. They are an extravagance but so lovely to work with – love them.

Not sure I like the X and O cable; I love it in theory (the hugs and kisses part), but not sure it is showing up very clearly. Fun to watch it develop as it was knit though.

Work is continuing on the Cotton Ariann – it has not been abandoned. Yet. I must admit, the idea of dumping it and going on to something new has crossed my mind, but, so far, I’m continuing to work on it. I’m riddled with doubts about how it’s going to turn out and whether my time would be better spent on something else…..Guess there’s no way to tell until it’s done. I try to assign myself a certain number of rows each day, followed by some sock knitting (if there’s time) This does not make for joyful knitting, but it does make for progress. And the sooner it’s done, the sooner I can move on to something new!

Finally, in case you haven’t heard, Webs is having a yarn sale that you might want to check out – there are some really low prices on really good yarn (such as Cascade 220) (Yes, I’ve completely and without a backward glance, abandoned by resolution to not but yarn) I’ve had pretty good customer service from Webs; sometimes they run out of yarn they show as in stock, but they will backorder it for you and send when available. They are also good about answering email questions quickly.

Here’s your chance to be prepared – you never know when there might be a yarn shortage!