by flowergirlknits

OK, you can stop shaking your head at me, stop with the tsk, tsk, tsk-ing. Stop muttering about my weak moral fiber and how this is an indication of the fall and decline of the American character in general. Just stop. I confess. I am weak. I am sock knitter.

I bought sock yarn.

It’s simple enough to explain, really. I had to have yellow sock yarn. In all my vast sock yarn stash there was no yarn – none at all!! – that was yellow. I’m a spring girl; I can’t not have yellow, especially now. Yellow is the ray of hope in March, that the forsythia will be blooming soon, and then the daffodils and then the floodgates will open and all manner of flowers will bloom again.

Yellow is spring. I am hungry for yellow. Specifically, yellow in the form of hand knit socks.

So I bought yellow sock yarn.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

(Not sure how to explain the sky blue sock yarn, except it was really pretty, or the lime green striping sock yarn except it was, you know, stripy and lime green – with some yellow! – and also really pretty…..)

Now comes the purgatory of waiting (I just ordered it tonight!)

In other sock yarn news, I have had trouble winding two – two! – skeins of sock yarn in a row. The first one, wound last night, tangled badly about a third of the way into winding and it took an hour to untangle all but the last few yards at which point I cut off the tangle and went to bed. I was feeling ambiguous about the yarn anyway – lovely color but I’m not crazy about the yarn itself. Then tonight the skein I wanted to wind wouldn’t fit on my swift! I’ve never had that happen before. And instead of waiting patiently for someone to come and help me (other than the cats who were most eager to assist), I tried winding it without the swift. Dumb idea! Don’t do that. It quickly became a hideous mass. Again, not yarn I was madly in love with to begin with.

I guess that’s one way to reduce your stash – ruin it. (NOT recommended)

Both of these skeins now have a bad “vibe” for me and I’m not sure I’ll ever use them. Life’s too short to knit with evil sock yarn.

To make myself feel better, and to clear the air of bad sock yarn vibes, I then wound a gorgeous skein of mulberry-colored J Knits sock yarn. It wound beautifully, no tangling. The color is deep and lustrous, the yarn soft and sproingy.

I think I’ve found the yarn for my next sock project…