Ode to the Sweater Shaver

by flowergirlknits

Quite frankly, there hasn’t been a lot of knitting – or any other – excitement around here lately. Not that this is exactly the epicenter of excitement here, knitting or otherwise, but it’s especially slow at the moment. Therefore, I’m going to wax eloquent-ish on — the Sweater Shaver.

Before sweater shaverProbably everyone else in the sweater-wearing world already has one of these, but I just picked one up a few weeks ago. For many years I wore only cotton or – esh – acrylic but just within the past couple of years I have discovered the wonder that is cashmere. And now that I’m knitting seriously again, I’ve become a big fan of wool. It’s warm but light, is comfortable in a wide range of temperatures (making it good for early spring and late fall as well as winter) and comes in an incredibly range of colors and textures. Problem is, cashmere and wool pill, especially in areas that are rubbed. Most unattractive. I’ve been using a “sweater stone”, a pumice-like block, but it is less than pleasant to work with – scritch, scritch, scritch – and leaves grit behind. Plus, while it does remove pills, I don’t think it does a particularly good job.After sweater shaver

Enter the Sweater Shaver. Neat, compact, easy to manuver, it leaves a smooth, pill-free surface in it’s buzzing path. Sweater bits are neatly gathered in a little cell for easy disposal. It can be easily dismantled for cleaning. Of course, I think you need to exercise some caution so that you don’t chew up your entire sweater, but there is a little screen over the blades of this shaver which adds protection. Best of all, it does a fabulous job as you can see from my before and after shots of my Central Park Hoodie. It also did an amazing job on my Squirrel and Oak Leaf mittens which have seen a lot of hard use this winter. Huzzah! A winner!

(Yes, it’s true – I’m easily amused)

In knitting news, the Cotton Ariann is proceeding; both sleeves are finished and the body is started with ribbing finished and eyelet pattern established. The Cable Twist socks are also continuing; the first sock is done and the second has been started. I am probably going to have to focus on these exclusively pretty soon; they’re for my friends’ birthday and I keep thinking “It’s March. Her birthday isn’t until April.” Of course, March only lasts for about another week and her birthday is April 3rd which means…..get knitting!

Me and time – it’s a rocky relationship.