Knitting progress

by flowergirlknits

About this time of year I begin looking for new clothes for the spring and summer. I’m pretty tired of my winter browns and blacks, and looking forward to lighter clothes and colors. Browsing through the stores and catalogs I see an awful lot of the sweaters seem to be very similar to knitting patterns that are currently available. I keep thinking “I could knit that!” which, maybe I could (still building my skills so not all would be possible) The real question is, would I? I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have 36 hours every day to do whatever I want (you’d think that would be a no-brainer…..) Besides, sometimes it’s nice to buy something.

There’s been lots of knittery stuff going on, but no exciting FO reveals. Cotton Ariann is proceeding nicely; one sleeve is done and the second about a third done. This would be more impressive if I had knit the pieces in the order they appear in the pattern, that is, if I had knit the body first. But I didn’t. Still, it’s coming along. I picked up a 16″ circular needle with metal tips which has greatly speeded things up; the wooden double points, which I usually love, were causing the yarn to drag and were awkward to arrange with the pattern. Much better now. The Cable Twist socks are also moving along; the first sock is past the gusset decreases and on the homestretch.

I also found a copy of the highly coveted “Street Smart” booklet of patterns from Pattons. This contains the very popular “Must Have Cardi” that everyone on Ravelry is talking about. The booklet is fairly difficult to find, but I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up yet another knitting needle (I’m going to have them all someday, I just know it) and there it was! Score! Last one in the rack. There are patterns for four sweaters and a scarf and I like three of the patterns very much. Classic Aran patterning with more modern sweater shaping. Of course, I won’t be knitting anything from it until fall at the earliest (and no, I didn’t buy any yarn for it yet!), but my hoarding instinct was appeased.

I also knit a swatch for CeCe using my recently acquired “melon” Rowan Calmer. This is the first time I’ve used Calmer and wow, it’s lovely stuff. Can’t wait to get started, but my old-fashioned Midwestern upbringing says I need to finish Ariann first.

Also, a new catalog from Webs showed up with lots of pretty cotton and linen yarns to drool over. And did you see the new spring Knitty? Great issue with lots of lovely patterns. So much knitting, so little time.

(Sadly, the daffodils are from the grocery store not my garden. It’ll be 2-3 weeks before mine can shake off the icy grip of winter and bloom, but soon!)