Easter Colors

by flowergirlknits

It was like Easter-in-a-Box the other day when I opened my order from Webs (This is not a violation of my Knitting Resolutions which made an exception for buying yarn for summer sweaters. It is, however, a violation of all reason since this represents yarn for four sweaters and come on, who are we kidding? Four sweaters! Ha!) Aren’t they beautiful? I could wallow in them.

The lavender and melon yarns (The official name of this color is “tangerine” but I insist on calling it melon!) are both Rowan Calmer. They are discontinued colors and were half price, so an excellent deal. The lavender is for Lacey Edged Pullover, a simple three-quarter sleeve sweater with lace edging and the melon is for CeCe from ChicKnits, (I’m planning on doing the three-quarter sleeve) I’ve never used Calmer but have heard fabulous things about it, so I’m anxious to get started with it.

The light blue is Tahki Cotton Classic and destined to be a Green Gables sweater. It was very difficult to choose a color; Cotton Classic comes in dozens of choices each more beautiful than the last. The bright pink is Queensland Cotolino; it is the recommended yarn for the Cables and O’s sweater from No Sheep for Me. I hadn’t planned on buying yarn for this sweater yet, but Webs indicates that the yarn is being discontinued and had it marked half price so I jumped on it.

Oh, and that dark purple yarn in the corner? Um….well….that’s, you know, sock yarn. It leaped into my online shopping basket and refused to leave. Persistent little devils, sock yarn. So I said it could come too. It’s ShiBui superwash merino in a lovely semi-solid that should look great in cabled socks.

All these lovelies remind me of my spring flowers which – if it ever warms up! – should be appearing soon. Lavender for iris reticulata, melon for Darwin tulips, blue for chionidoxia, bright pink for species tulips “Persian Pearl” and the dark purple for fritilleria melegreis. Hurry flowers, I can hardly wait!