FO: Central Park Hoodie

by flowergirlknits

It’s done!

Pattern: Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers #9341 Garnet

Buttons: JHB #53233, 7/8″ (purchased at Hancock Fabric)

Notes: Just as I hoped, a couple days away from the CPH did the trick and I’m feeling much better about it today. I wore it to work yesterday and I was assured repeatedly that it fits fine. I think one reason I may have an issue with this is that I grew up in the 80s when sweaters were HUGE and I’m still a bit stuck there. Today’s styles are more form fitting (and, for most people, more flattering), I just need to do some catching up. I still think the button band pulls a little bit when I’m wearing it, but not enough to not wear it (or give it away!)Clown buttons

One final (small) bump on the road to completion – the original light colored wooden buttons just weren’t working – they were too large and too shiny somehow, almost clownish (see photo at right). I found smaller, dark wood buttons (in the photo above) and sewed them on this afternoon and the difference is striking. I think the more rustic look of these buttons does a much better job of complimenting the heathery color. I’m much happier with the sweater overall with this one simple change. However, because I just changed the buttons this afternoon, there are no modeled shots of the officially completed sweater; I’ll add some in a couple of days.

complete back of CPHI made no modifications on the brilliantly written pattern. Except for wishing for slightly more ease in the front, it fits perfectly.

And can I be a little vain here for a minute? I think I did a good job of knitting – the cables all turn correctly, the knitting is smooth and even, the seams match up nicely, the color turned out to be an excellent choice……all in all, a successful Finished Object!

One final comment – this pattern has really given me a shot of confidence with my knitting and I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my skills and techniques!