The solace of socks

by flowergirlknits

So, I finished my Central Park Hoodie last night. I will post more details and pictures soon (if the weather ever cooperates – we’re in the midst of a major winter storm right now) I will say that I’m feeling a bit let down, for a couple of reasons. One is, after being so happily absorbed in a great project, it’s a little sad to let it go. And the other, much more troublesome reason is, it doesn’t fit. It’s a smidgen smaller than I would like. I can get it on (the sleeves are quite tight and, while I don’t have stick arms I also don’t have massive arms either) and it covers me so that I can walk in public legally, but it could have just a little more ease. (All this even after getting gauge and carefully measuring myself and choosing the correct size and then blocking each piece to the sizes listed on the schematics; in other words, I did everything you’re supposed to do. Except get the size I wanted!) I’m crushed – I had such hopes for this sweater. I’ve decided to put it away for a day or two and look at it again when I’m not exhausted and slightly cross-eyed from doing mattress stitch seaming and see if I still feel the same. If worse comes to worse, I can give this one to my Mom (although it may be too big for her) and make another for myself (not such a bad thought considering how much I love the pattern)

With the ending of this project I was feeling at loose ends knitting-wise. I knit a swatch for a vest only to discover that the pattern and yarn did not mix well. Both are lovely and both will be used eventually, just not together. I have other projects with both yarn and pattern on hand, but the disappointment of the CPH made me hesitant to jump into anything big just now.

So, I’ve turned to knitting socks again. My first love and first triumph (knitting-wise), they remain a fun and comforting knit. Beautiful yarns, zillions of patterns, portable and relatively quick and, while sizing isn’t foolproof, it is generally simpler than a sweater. I have been knitting socks all along, of course, but they’d been regulated to bits and pieces of time, lunch hour and travel knitting. Well, I’m putting them back to the front of the line – and I’m knitting them for me! For all the socks of knit, I only have a couple wearable pairs for myself. Now’s the time to fix that! And maybe get some knitting confidence back along the way, too.